"Mobility is important to me."

Ski lifts and ski resorts are the operational areas of Andreas. He knows where to go on the slopes.

Of course, Andreas likes skiing, but he also does it for professional reasons. "I like the environment in the tourism industry," he says. The nice thing is that he regularly visits customers in places where others usually go on holiday. "It's just a matter of being a skier yourself," says Andreas. He is responsible for one of SKIDATA's three areas of business; the mountain business division, the others being events (which includes amusement parks, spas, stadiums), and the third being parking. The mountain business division is all about access systems for mountain railways and ski destinations. "The industry is small; everyone knows everyone," he reveals.

Andreas studied Business Computer Science after training at the Business Academy. He liked the mixture of business and technical studies, "It covers a broad spectrum," explains Andreas. He then worked at Siemens Austria for three years before joining software development at SKIDATA in 2001.

Today Andreas is Business Segment Manager of the Mountain division, "I am the market specialist and internationally responsible for the strategic alignment of SKIDATA in this business field," says Andreas. "It is my responsibility to align our products and development so that SKIDATA offers the right solutions for customers in this segment." He implements solutions with product managers and the development team. The strength of SKIDATA is, "We are where our customers are– with local organizations and mountain specialists for sales and service in countries such as Austria, Switzerland, Italy, France, Spain, Sweden, Russia, Japan, and the USA."

Part of Andreas' mission is to anticipate market developments and create a roadmap for SKIDATA. "Until a few years ago, our customers wanted a solution for ticket sales and access control. Now, demand is more in the direction of marketing tools. How do I know the guest, how can I accompany the guest on their ski trip?" SKIDATA works with partners on finding smartphone solutions to these questions. "That is clearly the wish of our customers and serving the need of skiers," says Andreas.

Together with system partners, SKIDATA works on solutions that go far beyond the subject of access. "Ticketing is one of our core competencies," says Andreas. "Today we offer a technical platform for ski lift services to sell their tickets online. More than 140 partner companies use this solution for their webshop portals." The volume that runs across the platform is significant. Every online transaction is connected to a ski lift within the SKIDATA access system in Europe. "Online pre-sale is growing strongly, especially in Austria, where there is still catching up to do."

Andreas expects a rise in ticketing via online or self-service channels, which will also push new kinds of products. "If I look at the markets today, where the ski lift industry has problems, I see many new products and distribution channels– which will spill over into the Alps in the coming years," predicts Andreas. Dynamic pricing is a keyword in many markets, for example, airfare variations. Similarly, prices for ski lifts could also depend on capacity, the number of visitors, weather, or slope condition. But no matter what the ski pass will cost, Andreas says, "In the near future, our smartphone will provide our access."