Run and Help: We reached our goal! Both competitors won in the Commend vs. SKIDATA running challenge

In the competition between SKIDATA and Commend, each partner won part of the challenge. Team SKIDATA covered a greater total distance: 8,000 km. Meanwhile, Commend won the per-runner challenge with an average of 179 km.

A big thank you to all the hard-working Commend and SKIDATA runners who took part in this exciting challenge. Together, the 36 Commend participants ran an incredible 6,450 km. Combined, the two Salzburg companies, which have been successful business partners for decades, have run a sensational 14,450 km over the last three months. That's an average of 160 km per day! This great achievement is now being converted into a donation to Salzburg Children's Cancer Aid. More details will soon appear on our social media channels.

Showdown in Salzburg: The final stretch of the Challenge was the Salzburg Business Run on 13 September. SKIDATA was there with 16 teams of three – a total of 48 runners. As always, our teams in bright yellow shirts shone out within the pack. The race has taken place for ten years and was moved to the historic town of Salzburg one year ago owing to the large crowds. The 5.9 km course takes runners past the most beautiful sights of Salzburg.

In total, about 4,400 participated, 400 of them running the difficult, 11 km–long "Q Trail," which included steep ascents of the Mönchsberg and Kapuzinerberg. Our teams performed really well. Christoph was outstanding, ranking 63rd amongst business runners (22:41 min). Our fastest team was "SKIDATA DailySprint": the Klagenfurt team of Michael, Roland and Helmut ranked 41st amongst Business Run teams. The fastest girl was Ines, with 30:51 min. On the Q Trail, Tonis’s time of 54:46 placed him 96th overall, and together with Christoph and Franz the Team "SKIDATA Appassionato" ranked 42nd in the Q Trail list. Our 16 teams collected another 318 km for the running challenge, six of them participating in the Q-Trail.