sea-of-hands_852x265.jpg Students at work

The semester begins and SKIDATA gets a new employee: Eric Heindl studies Information Technology & Systems Management at the Salzburg University of Applied Sciences and has successfully applied for the programme. He is now starting his career at SKIDATA in parallel to his studies. In this way, he not only gains a university degree but also valuable practical experience.

SKIDATA is proud to be a partner in this pilot project of the Salzburg University of Applied Sciences. is aimed at students studying Information Technology & Systems Management (ITS). The participants receive part-time employment (approx. eleven hours per week) with one of the participating high-tech companies in the region and are rewarded with 680 euros gross per month. They also receive a housing allowance of 120 euros per month. Tuition fees (just under 400 euros) are also covered. With, renowned technology companies in Salzburg collaborate with the University of Applied Sciences to promote the next generation of IT professionals in the region – and on top of that, they gain qualified and motivated employees. Florian Höll and Sandro Schnetzer started at SKIDATA last year:

To be continued.