Internship report: “I was convinced by a concrete task.”

SKIDATA offers motivated and engaged students a look into an innovative and successful company. Markus took the opportunity and brought all his knowledge to the table.

“It was simply time to gain some work experience,” says Markus. After his Bachelor’s degree in Engineering at the TU in Münich, specializing in computer vision, he did not know how to proceed with his Master’s. “To find out, I decided to do an internship.”

His neighbour studied Computer Science at the FH Salzburg and was enthusiastic about the possibilities at SKIDATA. “Since I ski myself, I was of course familiar with the name. There are five skiing area around Berchtesgaden. The company is represented everywhere there.”

Despite many acceptances from other companies, Markus took up the offer at SKIDATA: “I chose to be an intern at SKIDATA because they gave me a concrete task in the interview.” Markus was able to make use of the knowledge he gained from this Bachelor’s thesis. He had used camera software to film sparks flying from welding. The goal was to analyze whether the weld itself was successful. During his internship at SKIDATA Markus was able to program software for a camera that records its surroundings in 3D. “It was about building a prototype for an innovative future product,” he explains. “The algorithm for the software was developed on the whiteboard and I was able to implement it myself. The task design was very open. During the decision-making process my opinion was treated equally.”

Now it’s time for Markus to continue his Master’s studies in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at the TU in Münich. “This will allow me to write even better software.” The internship at SKIDATA helped him decide what he wanted to do: “I could always go to colleagues and ask for help with problems. And, more importantly, I was accepted directly by everyone.”