Technology is the key: The NMS Grödig and SKIDATA foster young talent locally

Building robots, programming and experimenting – from autumn the NMS Grödig will place a new focus on science. The local economy supports the initiative, aimed at interesting more young people in technical careers.

If you want to shape the future, you have to master technology. To make sure that Austria is prepared, it’s important to lay the right foundations in childhood. Against this background, the NMS Grödig is expanding its educational programme with a focus on science. From autumn, young participants will be able to work on projects in the fields of chemistry, physics and engineering. “We need young people who have a taste for technical jobs,” mayor Richard Hemetsberger told the Kronen-Zeitung at the launch of the initiative.

It is mainly the local economy in Grödig that is supporting the new focus of the NMS. Companies like SKIDATA welcome a growing interest in technology in the area, which could attract new employees to the company. Early-stage networking between the school and the economy is hence planned. Various internships should make entering the exciting world of tech companies easier.

Does the new focus respond to a shortage of skilled workers? Why not! “Our companies are desperately looking for qualified people from all sectors,” says governor Wilfried Haslauer. Graduates will have all paths open to them, from technology apprenticeships to advanced engineering training (HTL) or further academic study.

Over coming weeks the school will continue to work on equipping its new premises. Around 15 young people will be able to take part in the science project. “We’ll also upgrade the chemistry lab,” says director Elisabeth Karl. Their efforts are being rewarded. The new focus on science sees the school awarded the status of a STEM Centre. This seal of quality is awarded to educational institutions that use various means to promote innovative learning mathematics, IT, natural science and technology.