Girls’ Day 2018: Professional Orientation with Bobby Car

So that’s what SKIDATA does! At Girls’ Day on 26 April 2018 eight schoolgirls were given an exciting look into our business. What did they learn? That technology is fun!

After inquisitive looks and a moment’s hesitation all the Bobby Cars were taken. Eight girls from the Salzburg area had the opportunity on 26 April’s “Girls’ Day” to explore fascinating technology first hand at SKIDATA Experience World. This was the fourth time our business has opened its doors for young girls aged 10 to 16, as well as older girls with chronic disabilities, aiming to awaken their interest in technology.

The girls hadn’t expected children’s toys to be on the programme. However, this soon helped them understand what license plate recognition is all about and how the technology works. Other areas of Experience World also aroused great interest and led to many “ahas.” Few girls realized they already dealt with SKIDATA every day, just without knowing it – whether skiing, in a car park or at concerts and other events. Suddenly SKIDATA was more than just a logo – people work here to develop exciting solutions for everyday problems.

The insides of a server

The goal of Girls’ Day is to provide this sort of understanding. The day was established by the international workgroup of the sponsoring associations REGIO Berchtesgadener Land – Traunstein and REGIO Salzburg, the latter being represented by akzente Salzburg. Alongside SKIDATA other companies, agencies and secondary schools offer insights into various careers and training opportunities, providing girls with valuable professional orientation.

What did the girls take away from SKIDATA? They were particularly impressed by taking a look at the insides of a server. License plate recognition and the interaction of engineering and software also led to many interested questions. Employees from Corporate IT, Quality Assurance, Test Equipment and Technical Documentation had fun allowing the girls to look over their shoulders for a day. One thing is clear: Girls’ Day will continue next year.