A year rich in variety at SKIDATA

International growth, major events and highlights

Stagnation? Unthinkable for us! This past year was full of surprises in many areas and our company convinced with its constant growth. Among other milestones, we celebrated the opening of two new locations.

New subsidiaries in Dubai and Mexico, additional international growth in the US

Since our founding in 1977, SKIDATA has been characterized by its stable growth and has had an international focus from early on. International markets are better served with our branches and partner companies and customers benefit from faster support on-site. The proximity makes both the coordination with customers and service considerably easier. In 2016 the SKIDATA network grew with two new locations: Dubai and Mexico.

Business in the US was also marked with especially large growth in 2016. Our company continues to pick up speed in the US through company acquisitions and the implementation of major projects, including equipping over 30 parking garages in San Francisco and ten parking garages with over 6,000 parking spaces in the city of Miami Beach.


2016's major event: European Championship in France

When Europe's soccer elite gather for an extra special tournament, SKIDATA is also a big player. A total of four European Championship stadiums in France used SKIDATA access solutions, allowing 630,000 fans to quickly and safely enter the stadiums through our access systems. Operators of stadiums, convention centers and amusement parks around the world rely on access technology from SKIDATA and a variety of our installations can even be found on every continent.


Company initiatives encourage innovation

In keeping with our "Setting Trends" corporate value, SKIDATA continuously introduces more initiatives that promote the company's innovative spirit. The company recognized long ago that in order to produce innovations, it needs an innovation-promoting work environment with a certain amount of freedom. Events such as the three-day "Innovathon" give employees the opportunity to concentrate 100% on creating new ideas.


Career fairs and exciting insights for IT rookies

In addition to numerous career fairs in which SKIDATA participated as both an employer and a training company, the company also provided the opportunity to take a look at the everyday work of staff at our headquarters in Grödig, Austria. As part of our Summer IT Weeks, IT juniors were treated to an exciting day with plenty of insights into the technology behind our innovative access solutions. Many young men and women used their summer vacation to learn more about careers, as well as professional and training opportunities in the IT sector.


More than 30 young people took the opportunity to gain practical experience in various departments at our company in 2016. Ever more young women are completing internships with our innovative company – this year, nearly half of our interns were female and many of them worked in technical areas. Increasing the appeal of careers in technology for women is an important matter to SKIDATA. For this reason, we regularly support initiatives and events geared at getting more women into technology. Events such as our annual Girls' Day are a great opportunity for young women interested in technology to get to know more about various technical careers.


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