Where your vaction begins - Salzburg Airport now in local hands

New Parking Access System at Salzburg Airport - Airport and SKIDATA in cooperation: Copyright: SKIDATA. Free of charge for press purposes.

Local advantage in parking space management: With the W.A. Mozart Airport’s decision to contract SKIDATA for the new parking access system, the airport has chosen a local company only 8 kilometers away as the crow flies. As a specialist in access systems, our company has been successful the world over. The committed orientation to quality was one of the many reasons for the additional contract: “SKIDATA has a very good reputation all over the world that perfectly harmonizes with our understanding of quality,” stated Andreas Rösslhuber, business area manager for Non-Aviation of the airport and director of the Carport Parkmanagement GmbH. Not only have vacationers and parkers at the Salzburg airport started their trips with SKIDATA, but travelers in Munich, Schiphol (Amsterdam), Abu Dhabi and Hong Kong have also interfaced with the our access solutions.

Easier parking and more relaxed travelling: Online-Reservations and Intelligent Parking Direction System

SKIDATA is committed to providing the Salzburg airport a successful parking space management system and innovative technologies in access management over the long term. Travelers will be able to book parking spots online on the airport’s website and profit from attractive discounts. The provision of new columns, ATMs, gates as well as an integrated parking direction system ensures greater comfort and security. A 10-year maintenance contract guarantees quick reactions to any new challenges the airport may face. For Michael Ramsauer, leader of operations for SKIDATA Austria, the satisfaction of the customer is of primary importance: “Alongside a quick reaction time, an important issue for me is professional interaction with the customer. To this end, our service technicians are being trained with technical and product-specific instructions.”

International Products and Diverse Customers

If you would like to be a part of designing access systems for airports like the W. A. Mozart Airport, large sports stadiums or attractions like Ski Dubai with the most cutting edge access technology, we welcome your expertise as technician or your specialization in software and hardware. Thanks to the strong growth of our company, we are always creating new positions. Applications, whether for a specific position advertised on our website or for the purpose of introducing yourself to our company, have good prospects for success. Current job listings and extensive information about SKIDATA as an employer can be found on our career website.

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