Room for ideas: SKIDATA develops cloud-based solution

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Unlock via smartphones easily without on-site infrastructure

Smartphones are turning into keys: SKIDATA is once again doing justice to its role as market leader for access solutions by demonstrating how apps will be used on a daily basis in the future to open and close.

Book, pay and unlock: current projects

In Switzerland our company has implemented a self-storage solution that allows clients to book and pay for a storage area using an app and unlock it using their smartphone. This gives users the greatest flexibility without having to forego security and reliability. Another project is currently being put into action for one English shopping center operator which is setting new standards in parking management. Visitors can register online and gain ticketless access specifically for that customer; for example an RFID tag for their car. The basis of this innovation is cloud software which boasts incredible stability and speed.


Creativity is the basis for innovation

We give our employees a place to explore and implement new technologies. For Christian, who first had the idea of integrating cloud-based solutions into SKIDATA products two years ago, these are the perfect working conditions: "Our CEO immediately liked the idea and the necessary resources were also made available. It was especially exciting to work with large companies such as IBM."
In contrast to our existing online services, this is the first time external cloud infrastructure has been integrated. Christian has been part of our Business Development Team since 2015. Here he can incorporate his creativity in many ways and apply himself to developing innovative solutions.

Do you have fresh ideas and an interest in technology?

We at SKIDATA are always on the lookout for recruits with great ideas and enthusiasm for innovative projects. The open company culture with flat hierarchies and our open door policy creates an environment where innovation is welcome – not only for business development managers and product managers, but also for software developers, hardware developers and IT professionals. If you are interested in working for SKIDATA, you will find job vacancies and more information about career opportunities and can apply for current job openings by visiting our website.


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