For high-quality apprenticeships – training for instructors and apprenticeships

eft to right: Dr. Johann Bachleitner (Director wks Salzburg), Mag. Belkis ETZ, MSc (VP Human Resources), Wolfgang Wagenhofer (Senior Manager Hardware Development / Test Equipment )

Motivation, time and appreciation are essential for a successful apprenticeship

What's the best way to find qualified new employees? Train them yourself! At SKIDATA the training of apprentices is taken especially seriously. In addition to providing them with professional knowledge, the company places high value on apprentices' personal development. And it's not just within the company that this dedication to junior staff is honored: in 2012, our company was named the best company for apprentices by the Salzburg Economic Chamber. We have been training apprentices since 1986 and in 2009 were named a state approved apprenticeship company ("staatlich ausgezeichneten Lehrbetrieb") by the Republic of Austria.


Apprentice training: an apprenticeship is more than just knowledge

In order to make the successful transition into their career as easy as possible for our apprentices, we regularly hold training for apprentices. This training deals with topics such as "communication and conflict" or "motivation and time". Our apprentices develop their soft skills over two days in summer and on a follow-up day in winter. Apprentice training consists of a total of three modules and one module is completed in each year of their apprenticeship. After successful completion, apprentices receive a certificate. This year a training series was completed for the first time. In this series, a special focus is placed on professional training; for example, units of instruction are frequently held in the areas of electronics and mechatronics in which more senior apprentices can teach less experienced apprentices, and the trainer is available to answer questions about current subject matter from their trade school. This means the knowledge they have acquired goes beyond the content scheduled in their dual training plan.


Annual instructor training at SKIDATA

More than 20 apprentices are currently being trained in seven different skilled trades in our company. The up-and-coming professionals in the areas of electronics, mechatronics, IT technology, IT informatics, office administration, operating logistics and media design are guided by approximately 10 instructors from the various departments. "I have been responsible for apprenticeships in the areas of electronics and mechatronics at SKIDATA for 20 years - a challenging yet very wonderful task. It is a special concern of mine to give the apprentices the best possible preparation for their career and to do so we always take new approaches," says Wolfgang, Senior Manager for Hardware Development / Test Equipment and an apprentice trainer who puts his heart and soul into this task. Through our instructor training, apprentice trainers are given targeted support for their daily work with apprentices.

This year's focus was on increasing motivation, communication and time management. Forums are frequently held for both apprentices and trainers, giving everyone the opportunity to exchange ideas and thoughts about current apprentice topics.
Every year interested, motivated teens have the chance to start their career at SKIDATA by beginning an apprenticeship. Free apprenticeship positions and many more details about training in our company can be found on our website.
Plus, if you'd like to learn more about apprenticeships at our company, visit us at the BIM in Salzburg on November 19 and 20.

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