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The Power of Knowledge Transfer in Training Sessions

The better you know your SKIDATA system, the more you can get out of it. For this reason, we share our expertise with you in structured training sessions. Choose from our extensive range. Whether delivered in our modern in-house training facilities or directly on-site, our SKIDATA trainers will design the ideal program for you.

Every training session is classified and by completing a training you receive a SKIDATA certificate. This represents the level of know-how.

Level 1: Basic
Level 2: Advanced
Level 3: Expert

Training sessions are held in small groups to ensure no question remains unanswered. Sessions are run by highly skilled trainers who are, of course, up-to-date on technology. Also included are practical sessions that provide the opportunity to put learnings into practice to ensure you leave feeling confident.

Discover our SKIDATA.Training programs and ask our sales team about individual training options.