POS: Manual.Cash

Human operated point of sale terminal

A cash register for ski passes right at the ski lift enables you to personally consult customers at the cash register and issue all kinds of passes and tickets, like group tickets or season tickets with photos. With Manual.Cash POS register systems, you can easily and efficiently manage your revenues.

Manual.Cash provides your customers with greater convenience when purchasing tickets:

  • Use 'print & send' to issue tickets: provide your customers with tickets ordered directly at home – and use the benefits of a professional serial letter function to distribute targeted information.
  • Use 'pick up' for ticket pick-up: With Manual.Cash 'pick-up' you can produce reserved tickets just-in-time. You'll generate a buzz among customers with excellent service and you'll never lose track of your current status and reservations.


All the information you need at a glance is available for download here.