Access solution EasyBoarding.Gate

The innovative access solution EasyBoarding.Gate - Boarding for Stars

Give your guests a safe and stress-free entry into the gondola. The new innovative access solution, EasyBoarding.Gate, reduces emergency stops and allows the gondola to be operated at the optimum speed and capacity.

Stress-free entry

  • Thanks to the self-explanatory control system with traffic lights and status displays, the number of passengers that can enter the respective entry portal is matched to the capacity of the gondola. In this way, crowding in the boarding area is avoided, allowing for stress-free access. In addition, there is also a noticeable reduction of the noise level in the station.

Reduction of emergency stops

  • Controlled processes and the reduced congestion in the boarding area means that incidents and emergency stops can be avoided. Gondola operation can therefore be carried out with the highest efficiency.

Increased satisfaction

  • The automatic allocation of passengers reduces the need for instruction giving by the lift personnel, who instead can focus on customer service. The result is a stress-free workday and satisfied customers.

Easy integration

  • In addition to its planning into new construction, the flexibility of the system also makes the integration into existing gondolas uncomplicated. EasyBoarding.Gate can be implemented fully independently or in combination with an access control system.


All the information you need at a glance is available for download here.