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Ticket Advanced Solution

The comprehensive high-end parking system

  • High-end solution for all customer groups
  • Includes license plate recognition, parking guidance system and single-space monitoring
  • Additional services such as validation and loyalty system
  • Ideal for city garages, airports, convention centers, stadiums and shopping malls

The comprehensive high-end parking system from SKIDATA is the ideal solution for demanding operations, such as city garages, airports, convention centers, stadiums and shopping malls. Whether VIPs, short or long-term parkers, employees, or repeat guests, it allows you to serve all customer groups.

Comfortable entry & exit

All this is provided by the Power.Gate column in combination with the Coder Unlimited. Frequent parkers can use their parking card for direct entry and exit, and short-term parkers will be issued a ticket. A wide variety of other data carriers, such as employee or customer cards (for example, Miles & More) can also be used for direct access, or as a discount card. An easily understood parking guidance system in combination with a single-space solution leads your guests quickly and safely to the next available parking space. Payment is made on the high-quality automated payment machine Power.Cash which scores with versatile payment options and long operating periods, as well as its high cash and ticket capacity. Using the license plate recognition system PlateTech.Logic, you can increase both security and fraud prevention, for example, in the case of a lost ticket, or can even allow for comfortable contactless exiting with a paid ticket.

sweb.Services for more success & control

You increase both your garage utilization and your turnover through the sale and marketing of parking validations to surrounding business partners using the web-based service sweb.Validate. With sweb.Loyalty you design your own loyalty program and get to know your customers better.Control and monitor your facility locally, centrally or mobile via sweb.Control. With the centralized reporting solution sweb.Report you also optimize the efficiency and clarity of your business operations.

Highest quality meets scalability and integration possibilities

A very positive first and last impression of your destination is provided through the superior design, easy operation and versatile advertising opportunities of all SKIDATA devices and solutions. The SKIDATA system can be remotely serviced and also provides the scalability to meet your specific needs. If you require additional systems or would like to incorporate your existing solutions, such as IT systems, SKIDATA will ensure their seamless integration.