Freeflow Solution

Mobility without barriers

  • Absolute comfort: your customers drive in and out without barriers, and pay the parking fees stress-free from their sofa.
  • Absolute added value: registered customers provide you with valuable data that you can use to make your business even more profitable.
  • Absolute flexibility: your fully configured parking system consists of a camera and online payment, expandable at any time - according to your needs.


No barriers, no standing in line at the automated payment machine and full payment flexibility - customers pay either automatically when leaving the premises or conveniently from home.

Freeflow Solution

Comfort without barriers

Innovation, efficiency, security and scalability for you - maximum comfort for your cus-tomers: The Freeflow® solution takes your parking management to the next level. No longer do you need barriers at the entry and exit - just license plate recognition and online payment. Your customers can choose between several payment options.

On site | at the skiosk® machine

Your customers pay directly on site using their license plate number, at the manual checkout or by mobile phone. Discounts by means of validations can also be applied.

Online | PayLater

Your customers pay within 48 hours after exiting from the comfort of their sofa. Customers only need to enter their license plate number or they can receive an invoice. Integrate the link into your marketing communications and encourage your short-term parkers to register for even more convenient parking.

Online | Pay-Per-Use

Even more convenient by pre-registration. The payment method set up during registration is automatically charged after each exit and your customers are informed about the successful payment and the total amount by e-mail.