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The Challenge – Need for Orientation
The Solution – FlexBar



  • Out-of-the-box guiding management for efficient parking space management
  • Convincing by flexible installation in existing and temporary parking spaces
  • Provides comfort and security for your customers
  • Outstanding by simple integration into existing facilities
  • Relieves you and your team



  • Mobile, LED illuminated profile
  • Housing made of ruggedized plastic
  • Controllable LED lightening scenes


H: 180mm
W: 60mm
L: 1.300/1.900mm (or on request)

AccessoriesFlexBar BasicFlexBar Unlimited
• FlexBar connection cable 4.5 m - 1 connection cable 230 V per FlexBar group required.-o
• FlexBar Converterbox Interface - for programming various FlexBar functions-o
• FlexBar software - Software for programming various FlexBar functions-o
• FlexBar extension cable 10 m - Data/power extension cable between two FlexBars-o
• Universal mounting plate - Mounting bracket can be used horizontally and verticallyoo
• Stand adapter - Mounting bracket vertical for rubber foot plates (6 x 6 cm)oo
s: Standard
o: Option
-: not available
ColorsFlexBar Basic (single color)FlexBar Unlimited
White translucentss - RGB
Yellow translucent*ss
Red translucent*ss
Green translucent*oo
Blue translucent*oo
Magenta translucent*oo
Purple translucent*oo
Orange translucent*oo
* Available from 2018 s: Standard
o: Option
-: not available


Flexbar (Multi)

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