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Visitor and employee management as it should be: smart – easy – secure

The SMART System by SKIDATA and mtms Solutions provides an intelligent solution for seamless access and accreditation control via smartphone


Ensuring proper accreditation of employees, security staff, catering services, VIP and press journalists for access to assigned stadium sections is more important than ever. Accurate personal identification helps to maintain the high level of safety that is indispensable today.

The SMART System automates and simplifies this process by linking accreditations to the access control system. As a result, the assignment of persons to specific stadium sections can be reduced or expanded while excepting long-term accreditations for individual events as needed. Saving time and raising the level of stadium safety this way allows large-scale events to be held even when they are subject to stringent Corona restrictions.

As Rafael Hoffner, Head of IT & Infrastructures of German Bundesliga club Hoffenheim explains, “Access accreditation at our stadium is much more efficient now with the SKIDATA in place. It saves us time and improves overall safety through automated processing via the access control system. Staff, security personnel, visitors and press are assigned to specific stadium sections, depending on their access permission. This way, we know exactly the who, when and where of every person at our venue. That’s the way perfect user and staff management is supposed to be. I can only recommend it!”

The perfect solution for every stadium season

SKIDATA offers reliable access solutions for pedestrians and vehicles, serving as a reliable partner from initial consultation to after-sales care. The new SMART Security System was developed in close cooperation with mtms Solutions, the Austrian-based specialist for event security concepts.

The result is a perfect overall solution that enables fast, easy and safe parking access in combination with registration and accreditation. Now the solution also includes health and ticket checking based on green pass scanning. Additional visitor logging and a messaging option simplify bi-directional communication.

From license plate recognition at the parking lot to event access at the gate, accredited staff and visitors can proceed through all the required checkpoints with a single user pass. All the necessary data are managed centrally by the event organizer. The SMART Security System adjusts easily to various different requirements and offers solutions both for one-off events and the stadium’s current season.

Checking the health of staff with a chatbot

A Wellbeing Chatbot for stadium staff helps to ensure a smooth, uninterrupted event experience. It enforces daily health checks, requiring staff to answer queries about possible signs of infection. All collected information is brought together on a single, GDPR compliant platform.

“Corona functions” and green pass checking

Enforcing constantly changing sets of healthcare rules is still a key requirement when it comes to organizing events. With an automated green pass scan at the turnstile gate the Smart Security Solution has the relevant Covid regulations covered. Overall, SKIDATA has made it possible for operators of stadia, leisure parks and other event venues to safely admit fans and visitors – all without the need for extra staff or an additional app.

This way, event organizers can keep a watchful eye on all visitors and staff, with the additional option of tracking and contacting registered persons immediately if necessary.

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