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sweb® eTicket

Your digital gateway for fast, effortless ticketing

With crystal clear simplicity, any ticketing system can now deliver the secure transmission of eTickets to native wallets for the entire mobile phone market, thanks to the sweb eTicket service by SKIDATA. SKIDATA easily coordinates the integration of the various Wallets and ticket technologies as well as the secure delivery of the eTickets for you. Integrate once and then simply employ SKIDATA’s service to generate and deliver eTickets. SKIDATA ensures service availability and sustainability with technology providers like Google or Apple Vouchers, membership IDs, tickets and passes –with barcode or NFC identification – can now be comfortably managed in Apple Wallet and the Google Pay app, for both iOS and Android utilization.

Interactive, updatable, secure

eTickets can include additional information and internet links and can be updated after dispatched. The authentication mechanism ensures that only the buyer can download the eTicket. SKIDATA offers direct sweb eTicket service integration for ticketing partners and web shops, with various flexible ticket layouts for different ticketing categories. Additionally, push notifications can be enabled with beacons or by means of GPS for an even more enhanced customer experience.

For a personal touch

Comfortably customize the design of both tickets and ticket categories in a web-based application available with sweb eTicket. Add your corporate logo and colors to put the final touches on your eTickets - making them look great and strengthening the brand identity of your business.

eTickets for Apple Wallet and Google Pay

Sending eTickets via sweb eTicket saves you time and money. As a ticketing system provider you can concentrate on your core business while SKIDATA takes care of eTicket layout and delivery to your customers’ mobile wallets. What’s more, you can bring sponsors and partners into the game by turning the eTicket into an advertising space for an additional source of revenue.

NFC ticketing: the next frontier

Additionally, sweb eTicket delivers Near-field Communication (NFC) enabled tickets for a better, quicker user experience and increased security. NFC tickets have been used at various stadia in the US and Europe in partnership with the SKIDATA access control solution and revolutionize the guest experience. There’s no need to search and select the right ticket: it’s the solution which does it for you, fast, frictionless, and conveniently. Interested in bringing your ticketing system to the next level? Contact us today at to power up your ticketing solution.