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SKIDATA at the World Cup in Russia

Salzburg, June 7, 2018. In mid-June, the World Cup in Russia will be upon us with all its goals and glory. When the year’s biggest sporting event kicks off on June 14, SKIDATA will not only be present but right in the thick of the action as an access expert at World Cup stadiums.

Technology from Salzburg will provide up to 800,000 football fans from around the world with quick and safe access to 12 World Cup matches at the World Cup stadiums in Moscow and the Austrian access experts are well-versed in major sporting events. SKIDATA has been involved in all World Cups and European Championships since the 2004 European Championship in Portugal. SKIDATA AG CEO, Hugo Rohner comments: 'Fast and safe access is a key issue for stadium operators, especially with the high volumes of spectators seen during a World Cup.' SKIDATA access systems are more than capable of meeting such lofty requirements, worthy of a world champion, as proven by the speed record it set in 2014[1]: in just one hour, 2033 people passed through a SKIDATA gate, which secured the title of the 'world's fastest access system'.

Besides the two World Cup stadiums, 12 other major sporting venues in Russia are equipped with SKIDATA systems. In and around Moscow alone, all six football stadiums depend on the Salzburg-made technology for their access management and the Otkritie Arena, home ground of Russian record-holders Spartak Moscow, is one of these. Since 2013, it has used access readers and mobile handhelds to ensure safe, user-friendly and quick admittance as well as SKIDATA solutions for automated, centralized reporting. SKIDATA solutions are currently used in over 200 stadiums around the world.


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[1] The speed record was set in 2014 during an employee event at SKIDATA headquarters in Grödig near Salzburg. For a period of precisely 60 minutes, the SKIDATA team passed through a SKIDATA gate like those used in stadiums and theme parks around the world. This was monitored electronically, by video, and by notary Dr. Georg Zehetmayer from Hallein, Austria.