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SKIDATA and Commend start running competition for a good cause -'Against each other for a togetherness’

Salzburg, 13. Juni 2018. Three months, two companies, one good cause: Commend and SKIDATA, successful business partners for decades, challenge themselves to a running duel for a good cause. From June 13 to September 13, employees of both Salzburg companies will cover as many kilometres as possible. Every kilometre run is then converted into a monetary donation by the respective employer.

Commend International and SKIDATA AG have had a business partnership for decades and it is very important for both companies to ensure pro-active health fitness in their workforce. SoCommend spontaneously challenged SKIDATA to a running competition for a good cause. SKIDATA was immediately enthusiastic about the idea of combining sport and social responsibility and responded promptly with "challenge accepted".

On your mark, get set, go!

During the period from June 13 to September 13, 2018, all kilometers covered by Commend and SKIDATA employees will be recorded by app. The winner of the running competition will be the company that runs furthest overall and in which the average mileage per participating employee is the highest. The kilometers run will be constantly recorded by an app and synchronised via mobile phones or sports watches. Both companies evaluate the activities at regular intervals. The "grande finale" will be the Salzburg Business Run, for which teams from both companies have already registered. For every kilometer run together until September 13, 15 cents will be donated. The resulting sum will then be handed over to the Salzburg Children's Cancer Aid.

Gerhard Sigl, Managing Director at Commend International says: "Our employees are for the most part very passionate athletes. In addition, the Commend is very concerned about the health and quality of life of its employees. We know that the SKIDATA colleagues are also very sporty. It is obvious that we are now inviting SKIDATA to enter a competition to run for this good cause."

Wolfgang Zimmel, IT specialist at Commend International, came up with the idea for the charitable running competition. His great passion: He runs for a good cause, specifically for the benefit of the Salzburg Children's Cancer Aid. In order to spread this idea, he has also launched the website www.werdepate.com. Last year, his initiative found its way into Commend International. The runners from Commend ran a sensational 5,500 kilometers within two months and supported the Salzburg Children's Cancer Aid Salzburg. Now the initiative has been extended by an idea: In the running competition Commend and SKIDATA want to promote social interaction and raise money for a good cause.

Doing good is very simple

Hugo Rohner, CEO of SKIDATA AG: "Helping is worth its weight in gold, the health of children is priceless. That's why we were immediately enthusiastic about the idea of a running competition and gladly accepted the challenge. Getting employees moving and doing something good at the same time - that is the best way to combine health promotion and social commitment".

In the meantime, the project has become so dynamic that both companies can well imagine challenging other Salzburg companies to take part in this running competition in the future.


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