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Belkis Etz
Vice President Human Resources
[t] +43 6246 888-0

Our Team in Finance, Administration & Supply-Chain-Management

It's not surprising that quality engineer Alfred always has the best results in mind.

More surprising perhaps is that his courageousness as a paramedic makes all the difference for us.

You can count on Alfred. Always. No matter if he is in his role as paramedic in his free time or first responder and quality engineer at SKIDATA. We trust him with the quality of our consumable products. Working closely with our suppliers, he ensures that our tickets and RFID cards remain state-of-the-art. Plus, we appreciate him for his responsible and careful eye: as a quality and supplier auditor, he also examines our partners' working conditions and sustainability. Additionally, we trust him with first aid at SKIDATA. As a first responder and passionate paramedic, Alfred is always there when you need him. Flexible working hours allow him to combine his passion – helping others – with his career.

Founder's mentality in red, white and blue

Willem-Jan has been part of the Dutch SKIDATA subsidiary since it opened in 1993. The former Sales Manager is now Managing Director for Northern Europe and well-liked and respected by customers, staff and colleagues around the world.

Incredible projects such as Airport Schiphol with 40,000 parking spots or the FC Twente require a winner's mentality throughout the entire team. "The market is highly competitive – we score points in The Netherlands and Belgium with high customer focus and passion for our products. Our long-standing customers appreciate our support and professional way of dealing with all kinds of demands. There is no such thing as 'can't' here and it should stay that way,” explains Willem-Jan. When he is not working, he spends as much time on his bike as he can and in summer he enjoys spending weekends on his boat. 

Pizza, Pasta e lavoro

… this wasn’t exactly what Maria expected after finishing her studies in business education and economics, but perhaps it was what she was hoping for. In 2010, she began working at SKIDATA as a controller in our Group Controlling & Risk Management team. Since March of this year she has supported our Italian subsidiary in Bologna with her years of controlling and knowledge transfer expertise, and in return has been enriched with exciting overseas experience. Her Business Administration students at the Salzburg University of Applied Sciences are looking forward to her professional input on the topic of cost calculations, as well as information about the do’s and don’ts of working abroad. 

Moving on to a new chapter in life

We are saying farewell to one of our very first employees. For the past 34 years – from the first cash register for ski resorts to the latest online solutions – he has stayed true to SKIDATA. From the very beginning, he has dedicated himself to supply chain management. As the Logistics team leader since 1994, he has eagerly passed on his know-how to his younger colleagues.

Ludwig is someone you can always count on and who can somehow make the impossible possible. If you want to hear anecdotes about SKIDATA’s early years, he’s your source. We wish him all the best for this new chapter of his life! And if he should ever get bored pursuing his various hobbies such as motorcycling, fishing or building wooden toys, we’re more than happy to have him pay us a visit. 

A strong part of the supply chain

Since 2012, we have been pleased to call Martin our Head of Supply Chain Management in the SKIDATA team. After several years of professional experience, the native Bavarian and self-proclaimed mountain man followed his desire for change southward. “It was always my goal to take on responsibility at a medium-scale enterprise like SKIDATA, and for me, Supply Chain management is one of the most exciting fields in business. With a focus on purchasing, order processing, logistics and facility management, it’s a kind of hub with many internal and external points of intersection. A wide range of operative tasks, but also strategic topics, make every day interesting and one gains very good insight into the company.” He has been in the operative business for 20 years. Team spirit, the self-reliance of his co-workers, intercultural understanding, and the occasional casual conversation with colleagues are especially important to him.