SKIDATA is celebrating 40 years

Welcome to SKIDATA 4.0

Driving Your Digital Future

Welcome to SKIDATA 4.0! With 4.0 SKIDATA is celebrating its 40 years´ anniversary with the motto “Driving Your Digital Future”. SKIDATA 4.0 means 40 years of SKIDATA, 40 years of innovation, and 40 years of customers who have positioned themselves as pioneers. From a start-up in 1977 to a global company in 2017. And that was only the beginning. Because SKIDATA 4.0 is also a promise – that we will continue to deliver new and future-oriented solutions for you, our customers, and the market during the next 40 years.

Here we want to share each week one special highlight of 40 Years of SKIDATA with you and, with the motto "Driving Your Digital Future", show you how you can benefit from SKIDATA 4.0. Because today more than ever before, customer data is an important raw material and digitization is becoming the driving force behind successful solutions.


SKIDATA wins its first stadium solution installation. SK Rapid Vienna is equipped with the new 560 readers.

Perhaps that is the reason why SK Rapid Wien became the Austrian Football Champion in 1996 – for the 30th time!

Driving your digital future in 1996 ... with the use of new 560 readers in the stadium business.

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Functionality meets design.

The parking barrier "Barrier.Gate" wins the national award for design. The APT 450 parking system also begins to transfer data via the communication-based network technology.

Driving your digital future in 1996 … with functional design.

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Graphical user interface

The APT 450 solution is presented with a graphical user interface.

SKIDATA changes its software interface to a graphical user interface.

Graphics and design were also important at Microsoft in 1995 - the new operating system Windows 95 is released.

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Revolutionary contactless entry.

Cooperation with the world market leader Swatch. Contactless access is now also possible using the popular Swiss watches. As a result, the first Smartwatch is presented to the industry.

A completely different access took place in 1995 - the entrance of Austria into the European Union.

Driving your digital future in 1995 … with revolutionary contactless access.

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The systems begin to communicate with each other.

SKIDATA is once again in the pioneering role and is the first to use the communication-based technology industrially in the 350 ski system.

Also interesting is the opening of the MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas on the 18th of December. Here too, SKIDATA demonstrates its pioneering role 23 years later - the MGM Grand Hotel is equipped with the successful SKIDATA systems.

Driving your digital future in 1993 ... with a pioneering role in new technologies.

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SKIDATA’s partnership with Munich Airport.

SKIDATA equips the Munich Airport with its systems and starts a partnership that still continues today.
Serving 73 countries and 257 destinations worldwide – the Munich Airport in an international hub that connects hundreds of SKIDATA employees all over the world in the fastest possible way.

Driving Your Digital Future in 1992 … with a successful partnership with the Munich Airport.

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SKIDATA systems made mass access a reality.

In 1991, SKIDATA expanded its portfolio to include the trade fairs, theme parks and stadiums and SKIDATA systems made mass access a reality. The successful completion of major projects such as the Legoland, Ski Dubai, the Miami Dolphins and the Spartak Moscow Stadium prove this capability very impressively.

Driving Your Digital Future in 1991 … with the introduction of mass access in new business segments.

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SKIDATA expanding payment options directly at the parking columns.

SKIDATA proves its pioneering role once again – this time by expanding payment options directly at the parking columns with the help of credit cards.
In July of the same year, a major event takes place for techno pioneers ... the very first Love Parade in Berlin.

Driving Your Digital Future in 1989 … with a pioneering position in new payment options.

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The in 1988 newly developed 340 reader

The year 1988 is marked with highlights in the world of sports. In Seoul the Olympic summer games take place, in Calgary the Olympic winter games and in Germany the European soccer championships.

SKIDATA draws attention with highlights in winter sports: The newly developed 340 reader supports the contactless RFID technology, offering the utmost comfort for skiers.

Driving Your Digital Future in 1988 … with the utmost comfort for skiers.

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First access systems using contactless technology

"Invisible Touch" ... Right – this is the name of a Genesis album from the year 1987.

This name can also be applied to the first access systems using contactless technology – the keycards – which SKIDATA brought to the market in 1987. In addition, the "keywatch" was also developed. SKIDATA uses RFID technology for both.

Driving Your Digital Future in 1987 ... with the contactless technology known as RFID.

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Skiing and SKIDATA – a special connection!

In 1986, SKIDATA reached a market share of more than 80% in the area of access management for ski resorts. A great achievement.

Born in 1986, both Kathrin Zettel (skier) and Thomas Morgenstern (ski jumper) later went on to make great achievements in their respective winter sports.

Driving Your Digital Future in 1986 ... with the market leadership in the ski segment.

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Driving the digital future in 1985

SKIDATA makes its entrance into the parking business and records its first success by equipping a parking facility in Austria.

In the same year, but on the other side of the earth: The Uluru-Kata-Tjuta National Park in Australia is officially returned to its traditional owners, the Aborigines.

31 years later, SKIDATA installs a parking solution in Uluru-Kata-Tjuta National Park. The Park covers 1326 square kilometers. In this park you can also find the famous Ayers Rock.

Driving Your Digital Future in 1985 ... with the entry into new market segments.

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Revolutionising reading devices and turnstiles

Already in 1982, it was sensational and revolutionary and is to this day a bestseller. Exactly ... The talk is of the SKIDATA reading devices and turnstiles, which revolutionized the ski industry in 1982. They enabled revenue settlement within ski pools, making it possible for ski resorts to work in combination with each other for the first time. A sensation!

Equally sensational was the "Thriller" album from Michael Jackson, which appeared in 1982.

Driving Your Digital Future in 1982  ... with revolutionary new ideas.

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SKIDATA and Apple

SKIDATA and Apple – two different companies, which have one thing in common: the year 1977. For both companies, a very special year in their history.

In 1977, Apple introduced the first Apple II series computer, equipped with a screen as well as a keyboard, to the market.

In the same year, on the 6th of October in Grödig, near Salzburg, the SKIDATA company was founded by Günter Walcher and Leopold Lutz. The first machine-printed ski ticket was developed and replaced the hand-written ski passes. 2 years later, the first cash register - an electromagnetic stamp machine for printing tickets - was created. The first 320 access readers were installed in 1981.

Driving Your Digital Future in 1977 ... with machine-printed ski tickets and cash registers.

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