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Offspring for SKIDATA family: hoffungswauwau

He has taken our hearts by storm, the #hoffnungswauwau. He was entrusted to us as a temporary pet by AREA for their charity design competition.

During the voting, the most beautiful, most creative and extraordinary displays will be selected from the #hoffnungswauwau pack. The 30 most selected four-legged friends will be auctioned in mid-December as part of a charity auction, while the remaining designs will be for sale. Total proceeds will be donated to Licht ins Dunkel, the largest humanitarian aid campaign in Austria.

We called the SKIDATA #hoffnungswauwau "charITy dog." In order to keep the dog not just a onetime charity campaign, we would like him to give hope and inspiration throughout the year while collecting donations for Licht ins Dunkel year round. In order to easily accept donations, his muzzle was converted into a moneybox. When the SKIDATA #hoffnungswauwau gets fed with money, he is happy and Licht ins Dunkel even more so. When he is stroked for good deeds, he thanks the donator with a pulsating heartbeat - in a bright SKIDATA yellow glow, of course! The moneybox is designed to be emptied annually and donated to Licht ins Dunkel for further charitable purposes.

For those who are interested in supporting the SKIDATA #hoffnungswauwau and would like to do participate: The voting is on www.area.at until December 10, 2017.

Thank you for your generosity this holiday season!