Stadiums & Arenas

Profit from SKIDATA Visitor Management!

Fire up fans with online tickets, fast access, ideal visitor management and clever additional services. Benefit from our years of experience to get the most from your stadium.

Currently, SKIDATA’s products are used in more than 200 stadiums around the world. These include venues of the European Soccer Championships 2004 in Portugal and 2008 in Switzerland and Austria, as well as the Soccer Worldcups 2006  in Germany and 2010 in South Africa. The UEFA European Soccer Championships 2012 in Poland and the Ukraine also equip their stadiums with SKIDATA expertise and products.

Your Vision

Your situationYour vision
Seats in your stadium remain emptyA full stadium for all events
Unutilized sales channelsTicket sales at any time or place
The lines at the entrances get longer and longerFast access without wait times
Aggravation and frustration instead of pleasant anticipation of the matchSecurity based on relaxed and satisfied fans
Ambiguity among visitors as to what each ticket is used forOnly one ticket for parking, entry and services
You only make profits from the entry priceIncrease sales with a range of services in the stadium
You don't have the time or resources for optimizationsOptimize workflows, reduce costs
The visitors are an anonymous mass of fansComprehensive customer data for targeted marketing
You depend on the football season for salesHold a variety of events throughout the year in your stadium
Your stadium is one of manyYour stadium adds value to the region and attracts many sponsors

The SKIDATA Solution


Before the event

  • Accurate reports on past performance provide the basis for the perfect event.
  • Surprise your customers with individual attention by using target-specific accreditation on site.
  • We handle the hosting for your (pre)sales on the internet.

During the event

  • Modern ticketing windows guarantee rapid access.
  • One ticket for everything: entry, parking and services.
  • Cash or cashless payment of tickets and services throughout the entire stadium.
  • Fast entry thanks to efficient visitor and workflow management. Can be expanded, if desired, for the use of print@home tickets and mobile payment.
  • Security - hooligans are kept outside.

After the event

  • Utilize the valuable data for after-sales-marketing and increasing customer satisfaction and customer loyalty.


  • Modularity: You work exactly the solution that perfectly complements your requirements.
  • Scalability: From the regional soccer stadium to the international multi-function facility. Are you growing? The SKIDATA offering can grow with you!
  • Flexibility: Our systems support different ticket technologies like paper tickets, contactless data carriers (RFID), Print@Home, mobile ticketing and NFC.
  • Integrability: CRM, ERP Co. - simple integration of external systems and third-party provider applications is possible at any time.
  • Individuality: Sports, concerts and festivals in one place thanks to different event configurations. With SKIDATA, you're equipped for today´s and future needs.
  • Profitability: Optimize your processes, reduce your operating costs and keep an eye on the total costs of ownership - all this with SKIDATA.
  • Future-proof: With a clever upgrade and updated concept from SKIDATA your stadium is sure to be a major success.