The comprehensive, flexible parking system for greater added value

The Ticket Advanced parking system by SKIDATA is the ideal ticket-based solution that offers a broad variety of value adding services for you and your customers.

It can get flexibly designed to meet your targets for revenue generation, high customer convenience, extra security standards and maximum automation of operational processes.

  • Our comprehensive ticket-based solution provides added value to all your customer groups, fully flexible to meet all of your and your customer’s needs
  • Supports license plate recognition in combination with tickets for maximum security, parking guidance systems and single-space monitoring for customer convenience
  • Enables complementary services, such as validated parking or central operations control
  • Ideal for city garages, airports, convention centers, stadiums and shopping malls

Perfectly tailored to your customers’ needs

Not only typical short-term parkers enjoy a smooth access by issuing a paper ticket, also contract parkers can easily enter your car park with their employee or customer cards.

Add Parking Guidance to your system, an easy-to-follow guidance solution with integrated single-space monitoring that directs your parking customers to the next empty stall in a quick, secure fashion.

With an added sweb Validate option your parking customers can also have their parking validated at nearby shops.

Finally, integrated license plate recognition allows your customers to enjoy the benefits of your parking facility with the added ease of smooth, free-flowing entry and exit.

Meeting your requirements

It allows you to add on all the services you need or want for your business, allowing you to fully custom tailor the system to your individual requirements.

Secure cashless payment via smartphone with sweb® Mobile Pay

To pay before leaving, short-term parkers simply scan the QR code on their ticket using their smartphone camera.