Access Control Management for Tourist Destinations

Connect Access Control Management and Parking Systems

Different service providers in one region generally use their own access control management systems, requiring separate investment and work. Why not enter into cooperative ventures that reduce costs and increase profits? Hotel keepers, local transit systems, recreational facilities, ski and bicycle rental shops and many other enterprises are a perfect complement to each other in the tourism business. Market all regional services jointly and make them available via a single guest pass. Customers will thank you by becoming regular guests.

The SKIDATA Solution

Targeted destination management

  • Planning
    In this phase the visitor explores available options and compares different offerings.
  • Booking
    Our solutions support numerous sales and purchase options.
  • Anticipation
    This phase stands between the purchase and arrival at your vacation destination.
  • Experience
    The experience phase starts with arrival at your vacation spot. Our solutions allow your guest to enjoy all services conveniently with just one
  • Reminder
    By recalling the visit, your guests can share their experiences at your facility with their friends – good advertising without additional cost.

SKIDATA – the right partner for each phase of your access control management


Destination management benefits everyone!

OperatorsService providersGuests
Increase attractivenessCommon platformEasy purchasing
Simple managementMarket presenceMultiple sales points
Dynamic pricesCustomer loyaltyAttractive offerings
All inclusiveValue creationEverything on one card
ReportsIntegration of existing systems 

At a Glance

Download here all information about SKIDATA solutions for tourist destinations.



Sky Costanera (Chile)


  • Ultra-modern and reliable access and revenue solution
  • Special escape mechanism to allow for a faster evacuation in case of an earthquake

Sugerloaf Mountain, Brazil


  • 26 Vario.Gates including integrated, automated cable car filling
  • The reader only offers the number of visitors access to the gondolas until the maximum capacity has been reached

La Sagrada Família (Spain)


  • Online pre-sale of tickets
  • Sales management using Handshake.Logic
  • Managing entry times using Vario.Gates and Handhelds
  • 1 ticket for various services

Royal Park I Roveri (Italy)


  • Visitor tracking system and visitor stream analysis
  • Installation of Keydetector.Gate and keycard in the access area 
  • Overarching application possibilities of the keycard and hence, the positioning as an exclusive member card

North Sea (Germany)


  • Destination: Norddeich, Juist and Norderney islands, AG Reederei Norden-Frisia
  • Individual destination management solutions
  • SKIDATA solution for access and parking
  • Web shop for online booking
  • Payment flexibility via pay-per-use
  • Common platform for promotion and sales

Skistar-Experium (Sweden)


  • Resort Management by SKIDATA and RTP: Experium is another example of SKIDATA and RTP's successful partnership in resort management solutions.
  • Reusable RFID data medium
  • Flexible prices: ski pass holders are differentiated from one-day visitors of the recreation center
  • Cashless payment throughout the recreation center.