Sports, music, film, theater, dance, art, culture and entertainment are in the best hands with you, and you manage to produce perfect events even when timeframes are very narrow. Whether in fixed buildings or on the natural green field - whether permanent or temporary events - your flexibility and your professionalism guarantee pleasure and wellbeing among your visitors. This also includes parking, guidance systems, ticketing, food & beverage and security.

SKIDATA supports you with innovative technology for elegant, reliable solutions that go far beyond the conventional. Mobile access and payment systems make it easier for you to respond flexible and to act independently of the existing infrastructure. Thanks to the high scalability, our systems can be added easily to all types of venues, and can even complement already existing structures with very little additional effort.

The SKIDATA Solution 

  • Intelligent linking of mobile systems -  from ticketing, accreditation, parking and access management through to payment and marketing
  • Professional support by SKIDATA experts on site
  • Elegant integration of a wide range of partner systems