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The SKIDATA solution can cover a wide variety of use cases. Selected examples are described here.

Ticketless solution

Without a ticket directly to the parking space

  • The system detects the license plate as an access medium
  • Maximum comfort for your customers
  • Prevents fraud
  • Ideal for shopping centers, retailers or hotels
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Ticket & Comfort Solution

Less effort and more customer comfort

  • Reduced administrative effort and ticket costs
  • Self-service online parking authorization management done by the customers themselves
  • Convenient and fast access via RFID cards or transponders
  • Ideal for business parks or P&R with frequent parking customers
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Ticket Advanced Solution

The comprehensive high-end parking system

  • High-end solution for all customer groups
  • Includes license plate recognition, parking guidance system and single-space monitoring
  • Additional services such as validation and loyalty system
  • Ideal for city garages, airports, convention centers, stadiums and shopping malls
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