Report Management

Make informed decisions with the help of professional data & reporting management

SKIDATA Report Management offers you:

  • Mobile, real-time access to management data enables perfect planning - at any time and any place
  • Hosting of management data by SKIDATA
  • Data hosting, processing and storage in accordance with the international ISAE 3402 standard

Mobile data management

With SKIDATA you have all the tools needed to perfectly manage your business and your offerings. The event solution generates reliable and relevant business data: the proceeds received from the use of a SKIDATA ticketing solution, access data such as the number of visitors and the capacity utilization of your event are just a few examples of the information available to you - mobile and at any time - with the visualized SKIDATA monitoring, information and statistics tools. These ensure that even on the go, you are always well informed and capable of intervening at all times.


SKIDATA data management

  • reliable generation of relevant business data
  • mobile access

Data security and professional hosting

Reliable data generation, hosting and processing are essential for ticketing and access management. Our ISAE 3402 certification guarantees the high quality and reliability of the SKIDATA hosting service. This ensures that your sensitive management data are processed and stored according to certified procedures.

SKIDATA data security & hosting

  • ISAE 3402 certification
  • data processing and protection according to certified processes

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SKIDATA Report Management Solutions: