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Fan Loyalty is the Key to Success

Strengthen customer engagement – the sweb.Loyalty platform enables you to develop and operate your own loyalty program. Your guests collect points for each interaction which they can redeem for experiences and/or products money can’t buy. You connect your guests to your brand, get to know them better and steer their behavior through targeted promotions - and finally increase revenue and customer satisfaction.

Watch this video and learn more about our SKIDATA loyalty platform sweb.Loyalty and how you and your customers can become lifelong champions.


How it works

SKIDATA Loyalty Platform

The sweb.Loyalty platform helps you to motivate your visitors to use special services. Fans can register for this solution, and can earn points for all interactions, online or on-site: for example, if they buy tickets over the website of the club or the amusement park, for the purchase of merchandising products or for arriving early at the stadium. The loyalty points earned can be exchanged for services that you have selected. In this way, fans can enjoy both, products of the club or the amusement park like merchandise as well as products that money can´t buy: from a ‘Meet & Greet’ with the team, experiencing a game in box seats, or a special guided tour of the park.


Ticket purchase
Use of certain distribution channels
Early arrival
Concessions purchases
Merchandise purchases
Newsletter registration
Activites outside of the stadium/park
Social media and website activities


Player meetings
Access to trainings
‘Behind the Scenes‘ tours
Box seating


Committed, returning fans
Data generation
Influence behavior
More online activities
Sales increase

Your benefits

Know your customer Influence customer behavior
You get a 360-degree customer view which lets you get to know them better. Use this knowledge to target activities and promotions that interest them. You guide your customer’s behavior with rewards. Put extra emphasis on additional offers and services to increase revenue while at the same time reducing advertising costs.
Promote customer interactions Strengthen customer relationships
Fans collect points for all interactions - online or on site. In this way you promote your social media activities and make use of gamifi cation for an improved customer experience. This adds value to your existing offerings. Show your customers that they are important to you. Customers can redeem collected loyalty points for services, experiences, or products, either from your portfolio or for experiences money can´t buy.


sweb.Loyalty 'Parking'

The web-based customer engagement platform to create loyal
guests for your parking facility and generate valuable data.

sweb.Loyalty 'Attraction'

Identify and increase customer engagement year round with a fully customizeable, dynamic loyalty platform.

sweb.Loyalty 'Stadium'

Identify and increase fan and customer engagement year
round with a fully customizeable, dynamic loyalty platform.


SKIDATA implemented sweb.Loyalty in San Francisco: "49ers new social and digital fan competition (Faithful 49 presented by Esurance)“

Watch our fist reference video with the topic: Loyalty. Don’t miss the interview with Bart Wiley – COO of Seattle Sounders. It is really amazing and can make all of us proud how satisfied he is.

The loyalty platform has already been successfully implemented at Seattle Sounders FC:

Flyer Seattle Sounders