Ticketless parking for registered users

Do you have many registered parking customers using your parking facility, e. g., in a business park or Park & Ride area?

Take advantage of the opportunity to offer your business customers the option of managing their own parking permits in accordance with their needs.

This way, you can save on your own resources. Unregistered customers can still use your parking facility, either by taking a ticket or via license plate recognition.

  • Rapid, convenient access via RFID cards, transponders or license plate recognition
  • Online management of their own parking permits for customers
  • Reduced administrative effort and ticket costs
  • Ideal for office buildings or Park & Ride operations frequented by recurring parking customers

Extra convenience for registered parking customers thanks to quick-access permission

Parking customers have a variety of data carriers to choose from to enjoy fast, uncomplicated entry into the parking facility: these include staff permits, customer cards or even their vehicle license plate, all of which can be used as a permit to enter a parking facility.

Convenient self-administration for your business customers

Your business customers can manage their own parking permits as needed within their quota limits.

Reduced administrative and ticket-related costs

You can outsource the administration of parking permits to your business customers while maintaining full control of your customer contracts.

By using license plate recognition in combination with staff permits or customer cards for entry into your parking facility you can save the costs of disposable tickets for all your registered parking customers.