The Trust that SKIDATA Takes Care

Your system is a part of your business success. An uninterrupted operation is crucial. And we’ll help you! The modules of the SKIDATA.Care Pack, make sure that your system is always by your side with the highest availability. And best of all: you decide which services you need! The SKIDATA.Care Pack is modular and thus offers the right solution for everyone.

Benefits with a SKIDATA.Care Pack:

  • One single agreement for operational services
  • A plannable fee for operational services
  • Exactly defined scope of service: clarity about included services
  • Maximized system availability due to preventive measures
  • Options: select only needed services
  • Get added-value services, like Anti-Virus as service

The follow draft shows you the different SKIDATA.Care Pack* modules:

*Availability of modules and services depends on local service organizations.

Explanation of Modules:


We are within reach whenever you need us!

Want guaranteed availability of the SKIDATA support team? Just say when. You choose the timeframe, even if it is outside of normal office hours, and we will make ourselves available according to your requirements.


Higher priority for your support cases!

The proper operation of your system is mission critical for your business? Interruptions should be resolved as quickly as possible? Building on the Hotline.Care module, SKIDATA provides a guaranteed handling of the reported incident within a specified time.


Take precautions with a predefined support contingent!

Cover the expenses incurred for troubleshooting measures and service calls in advance. Your support costs are already included in the contract.


Connect your access system to SKIDATA experts!

You can take care of your core business - SKIDATA takes care of your access solution. With Connect.Care SKIDATA offers options for efficient support including remote monitoring.

  • On-demand remote connection in case of an issue
  • Secure remote connection for fast and efficient troubleshooting
  • Remote Monitoring


Be prepared with targeted maintenance!

The experience of SKIDATA experts and precise maintenance procedures guarantee optimum cost and benefit to you.

  • Regular consultation
  • Hardware maintenance
  • Software maintenance


Keep your system on the state of the art!

In addition to maintenance of the software within the same software release, SKIDATA offers with the module Upgrade.Care options to be always up-to-date regarding software and IT equipment.

  • Latest software release including installation
  • Cyclic IT hardware exchange



Preventive security services to avoid system downtimes!

System downtime because of virus infections! Malware on USB Sticks! Lost data because of malicious software! With Protect.Care SKIDATA offers services to avoid these scenarios.

  • Initial basic security check
  • Managed Anti-Virus service

Spare Parts.Care

We have the right spare parts solution for you!

Availability of spare parts is essential for the smooth operation of your facility. Determine how quickly you want to receive spare parts and when they are required.

  • Receive spare parts based on local and central stock levels
  • Receive spare parts as a priority, exchange in advance or substitute equipment
  • Annual flat fee for spare parts, with the option to include wear parts


Download a summary of the individual components of SKIDATA.Care Pack modules as a brochure.