Access Control with Easy.Gate

Cost-efficient access with great design

SKIDATA Easy.Gate scores with fast access and cost-effective installation and service! Ideal starter unit for access area or as add-on for Freemotion scanners.

Model comparison



Position and number of antennas1 antenna, left2 antennas: 
one left, one right

1 antenna, left

Magnetic Tickets
Barcode Tickets
SKIDATA keytix (13,56 MHz)
SKIDATA keycards (13,56 MHz)
SKIDATA data carrier (125 kHz)
Turnstile, 1-armed
Turnstile, 2-armed
Turnstile, 3-armed
Color display (QVGA)
Height sensor
Convenient height adjustment function
Polyphonic sound module
Mechanical brake for turnstile arms
Weather-proof cover
Installation on support feet
Overhead installation
● default, ○ optional, — not available

The operator is solely responsible for observing the legal provisions related to use of the products. Please comply with data privacy requirements when configuring SKIDATA systems and obtain your clients' consent when necessary.


All the information you need at a glance is available for download here.