Ticketless Solution: Conveniently heading to the parking space

Your customers enjoy the highest convenience by driving in and out of the car park based on the recognition of their license plates, without the hassle of tickets.

The perfect solution for parking areas offering an initial period of free parking time.

Highest customer satisfaction: convenient and fast “hands-free” entry and exit experience.

  • Use of license plate recognition for access control
  • Maximum convenience for your customers
  • Prevention of fraud
  • Perfectly fits for shopping centers, supermarkets, retail or hotels

No ticket handling and prevention of fraud

Your customers enter by automatic recognition of their license plate number, like a “virtual ticket”.

Your staff does not have to order, supply or refill tickets.

Fraud is prevented to a high extent.

More guests can enter within a shorter time.

Flexibility & scalability to your needs

From small parking garages up to large and complex networked facilities, the system is fully scalable and always adaptable to your needs.