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Shape Your Profit Streams: Make Ski Tickets Available on the Go

Your customers are mobile and are practically online all the time thanks to smartphones. Meet their needs. Sell ski passes and other products via web shops. In this way, you reduce waiting times at cash registers, enhance customer convenience and increase your sales with targeted marketing tactics. Together with starjack, Austrian ski resorts and Klar & Leiter, SKIDATA has established a comprehensive sales platform for online ski ticketing.

sweb Ensures Speed and Flexibility

sweb® (SKIDATA's web-based services) are software-as-a-service modules that can be combined individually to suit customer needs. All you need is an access system and an internet connection. The benefits are clear: With different sales channels you can increase your revenue. The system can be operated remotely and all data and information is available at any time and any place.

Get ahead now: sweb takes your access solution to an entirely new dimension.