Access Systems

Access Systems

Investment security through comfortable and reliable access systems

SKIDATA Access Systems offer you:

  • Maximum comfort for guests in winter and summer with person separation and targeted fraud prevention
  • Highest performance reduces waiting times for guests
  • Durable access readers, sophisticated ticketing and counterfeit-proof data carriers
  • Large choice of access readers, ticket types and carrier media

Impressive access readers

Every day, 15 million people come in contact with SKIDATA products worldwide. SKIDATA access solutions stand out by providing the best comfort together with perfect person separation and targeted fraud prevention. Only one person at a time receives access through the turnstiles, allowing the ticket to be checked for validity and accuracy in a manner that doesn’t disturb your guests. For each application there is the right access solution: from the mobile Handheld.Gate to the flexible Flex.Gate, through to the high-end Freemotion.Gate. Regardless of which access solution you choose, the high quality and durability in all weather conditions ensure that you benefit from an unmatched product lifespan.

SKIDATA access readers

  • highest comfort with perfect separation
  • targeted fraud prevention
  • high quality, durability and product life

A wide range of ticket types

Diversity is also present in the ticket types. Whether for winter or summer sports enthusiasts, for pedestrians, skiers, sledders or mountain bikers – you have the choice between RFID cards and tickets, 1D/2D barcode, Print @ Home or mobile ticketing. All SKIDATA data carriers are characterized by the highest security with regard to encryption and data and also offer the best performance.

SKIDATA ticket types

  • data carriers for winter & summer
  • highest security with regard to encryption and data
  • best performance

Targeted fraud recognition

With SKIDATA access you can achieve up to 5% more revenue through targeted fraud detection – thanks to both the high data carrier security as well as special functionality such as photo and size compare. Furthermore, you benefit from the additional expertise of the SKIDATA parent, Kudelski – a Swiss company specializing in digital security systems.

SKIDATA fraud detection

  • high-level data carrier security
  • features such as photo and size comparison

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