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Bruneck Intercable Arena

Access to the Ice Stadium with Door.Gate Pedestal

The striking yellow roof, clearly visible from afar, belongs to the Intercable Arena in Bruneck. The sports and multifunctional facility is in operation since October 1st, 2021 and has officially opened on October 29th, 2022.

Project Overview 

13,000 m² area
3,100 seats
2 ice fields

The Intercable Arena is designed as a modern multifunctional facility with a focus on ice sports: field hockey, figure skating, curling, as well as broomball, sledge field hockey or short track. This facility is primarily a sports facility but, due to its convertibility, it is also an ideal venue for concerts, conferences, trade shows or corporate events.

The facility contains:

  • 2 ice fields
  • 1 curling hall with 2 Olympic-sized rinks
  • 15 dressing rooms
  • 1 fitness room, 1 gym, 1 massage and physical therapy studio
  • 1 large media and press area
  • 250 m² premium room
  • 6 premium boxes
  • 1 restaurant
  • 3 food kiosks
1 sports and fan shop
Bruneck Intercable Arena
Bruneck Intercable Arena
To regulate access for this large facility, SKIDATA was chosen as the leading company in access solutions. The product proposed by SKIDATA is extremely innovative and functional: Door.Gate Pedestal is an optical reader that enables the reading of different types of tickets, from barcode/QRcode to digital tickets on smartphones.
The reader, located on a pedestal with a sleek and functional design, is fully mobile and can thus be placed wherever needed at any time as it does not require any connection to the power grid and works autonomously via WIFI. Moreover, it is an innovative gateway as there are no turnstiles that restrict admission, thus facilitating barrier-free access for people with disabilities.
Bruneck Intercable Arena

Facts & Figures

Project Name Intercable Arena - Ice Stadium
City Bruneck (BZ)
Installation date 2022
Capacity / Seats / Dimensions 3,100 seats
Requirements WIFI mobile access systems
Solution Implemented 6 Door.Gate Pedestal
Realization / Features With Door.Gate Pedestal readers, it is possible to regulate access to the Stadium at any point without the need for electrical connections. Batteries and WIFI connection allow the operator to move the ticket control point when and where needed for different events. The latest generation Door.Gate reader handles multiple types of tickets, from RFID to Barcode and QRcode titles and where provided, NFC as well.

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