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It’s no surprise that software developers solve many problems. But success also depends on the diversity of employees.

Cornelia, software developer who enjoys thinking outside the box

Yesterday Salzburg, today USA. Cornelia is drawn to live abroad. At the age of 25, she started out as a software developer in 2010 with SKIDATA in their Grödig headquarters. Now she’s Software Development/Product Manager for SKIDATA in Portland, Oregon. She works directly with renowned sports clubs in the USA, who use the SKIDATA loyalty platform to support their fans. “Portland is great,” says Cornelia, who enjoys skiing, hiking and biking in her spare time and is happy to live where the ski slopes are almost as close as the beaches of the Pacific Ocean.

Stefan fulfils wishes while keeping a cool head

Deadlines and stress don’t upset Stefan. “I remain calm even in critical situations. That’s my strength.” Since 2017, he has been the head of the Central Customized Solutions team at SKIDATA, which adapts standard products to meet specific customer needs. For several years before this position, he worked as a software consultant at a US software company and then two years at Red Bull Media House. “SKIDATA was the next phase of my career plan,” the engineering graduate explains. This is the first time he’s managed a team. “SKIDATA really prepared me for this task.” The native Tyrolean is a passionate skier who finds balance in sports by playing with his two daughters.


Harald, Senior Manager Software Development and Karate Sensei

Karate is a martial art Harald has been practicing for 30 years, and much of what the 45-year-old has learned through practicing this art he also carries with him into his work, like being sincere and acting independently. "I can bring who I am to work at SKIDATA," says Harald, who sees his role as more of a coach than as a manager of his two development teams. "What counts at SKIDATA is the individual and their idea, not the hierarchy." In contrast to other companies, he has a lot of freedom, "This is the only way to work agilely and be innovative," Harald is certain. "And I can bring my work into harmony with my family life and my hobbies.

Andreas, Principal Architect at SKIDATA

Andreas spent eight years with SKIDATA as a Software and System Architect before becoming one of our two leading software strategists. Teamwork is crucial to his success: "Over the course of my career I have discovered that, in addition to technology, strategic planning and team processes are particularly important. This also strengthens our corporate culture, in which the teams work independently." Andreas gathers energy for the day’s challenges in the refreshing working environment at Lake Wörthersee, where he frequently spends time with family and friends.  

Andrea, Software Ninja in Quality Assurance

Andrea, 52, has a degree in mathematics and works in Software Quality Assurance at SKIDATA. "I try to break our latest systems – it’s often fun," she says. She likes analytic and systematic work, but also finds that playfulness inspires her and gives her a sense of freedom. Besides destroying new products, she also has to get things up and running again when she assists her colleagues in tech support. In yoga, Andrea finds the optimal balance for her exciting workday.  

Hannes, Software Developer and Lecturer

Hannes joined our software development team in 2007 and has been leading our own team for about three years. "The great thing about my job is that changes to abstract software approaches are immediately visible within our hardware – technology you can touch, so to speak," says Hannes. He still maintains contact with the University of Applied Sciences, where he graduated in Computer Science and ITS. He lectures on object-oriented programming and adaptive software development, and supervises bachelor’s and master’s theses. In his free time he recharges his batteries with his two children.

Wolfgang, Head of Test Equipment Construction and Teacher

Wolfgang has been with SKIDATA since 1995 and has been responsible for test equipment construction for 14 years. A teacher from the very beginning, he has already been able to train a large number of committed young technicians, who today work successfully in the company in the most diverse areas of development or service management. In a programme called "Apprenticeship: Very Clever", Wolfgang is committed to the internal development of skilled workers. He has been successful: recently, Pascal, one of his apprentices in test equipment construction, won the WKO State Electronics Championships.

Walter, System Engineer and Marathon Runner

Walter has been with SKIDATA for 23 years and is responsible for the optimal interaction of hardware and software. His strong research spirit, already evident at the HTL, comes into its own here. Before his professional journey led him to us, Walter studied telematics at the Graz University of Technology and travelled around the world. Subsequently, he researched weather radar technology at the Joanneum Graz in cooperation with the European Space Agency. He demonstrates his fitness as an 18-time marathon runner. Walter is driven by a desire to translate trends into products, services or features and thus to shape the future. It comes as no surprise that Walter and his team won the Innovathon 2016, SKIDATA's international internal ideas competition.

Rupert, Head of Quality Assurance and Racing Driver

Rupert has been part of the SKIDATA team since 2006. He completed his studies in Information Technology & System Management in no time and has been head of quality assurance in the hardware area since 2010. In his spare time he enjoys go-karting and is always at the head of the SKIDATA go-kart team. To expand his skills, Rupert is studying Business Administration at the University of Applied Sciences in Salzburg alongside his job. The combination of technology and management should prepare him for new tasks in the company. He gives lectures at career fairs and inspires youngsters with the SKIDATA spirit.