Terms and Conditions

1. Organizer is the company: SKIDATA AG / Untersbergstrasse 40 / 5083 Groedig / Salzburg / Austria

2. Eligible are participants over 18 years old that have correctly and truthfully filled out all required fields on the online form. Unfortunately, participants from Belgium, Norway, Sweden and India cannot participate in the contest, as these countries prohibit these types of gambling or participation according to existing Facebook promotion guidelines based on their laws. SKIDATA employees are excluded from participating.

3. Participation in the contest is only possible when the participant has uploaded a photo of one of the 7.500 SKIDATA installations onto the designated platform, filled out the entry form and sent it off to SKIDATA via the button ‘send form’. The rating of the photo is based on the creativity of the shot (e.g. location or extreme weather condition) and the quality of the photo. All received photos are collected and evaluated by our SKIDATA committee every week. The results are published on our SKIDATA website the following week. The winner of the week before will be mentioned by first name, country and the photo, as well as the other 4 best photos.

4. All the provided registration information by the participant is not passed on to third parties by SKIDATA. The information is purely used to mail the prize in case of a win. However, by participating in the contest, the participant allows SKIDATA the worldwide, exclusive and transferable legal right of use of the uploaded photo for an unlimited amount of time. Especially, but not exclusively, SKIDATA is allowed to use the photo for other promotion purposes on different platforms and in various media. By uploading the photo, the participant confirms his rights on the photo and the right to transfer them. Relating to this, the participant keeps SKIDATA from and against claims.

5. The contest is in no way connected to, sponsored, supported or organized by Facebook. The recipient of the participant’s provided information is not Facebook, but SKIDATA. The provided information is only used to trace and notify the winners. All complaints or questions should be directed at SKIDATA as the organizer.

6. The entitlement to the prize or the prize compensation cannot be transferred. A cash payment of prizes or potential prize compensations is not possible under any circumstance. Early termination of the contest: SKIDATA reserves the right to discontinue or terminate the contest at any time without advance notice and naming reasons. SKIDATA will especially make us of this option in case of technical reasons (e.g. virus in the computer system, manipulation of or errors in the hard- and/or software) or when a correct execution of the game cannot be guaranteed due to legal reasons. Provided that such a termination is caused by actions of a participant, SKIDATA can demand a replacement of the resulted damage from the respective participant.

7. The duration of the contest is 4 weeks. In these 4 weeks, one Apple iPad mini worth € 320 is raffled each week. The start of the contest is August 5th and ends September 1st 2013.

8. A committee of the SKIDATA GROUP carries out the evaluation of individual photos.

9. The winners are notified via e-mail. If this does not work out, we will try to reach the participant via phone. In addition, the 5 best photos (including the winners) are announced with first name and photo on the SKIDATA website page. Hereby, the participant explicitly agrees to the use of his information for these purposes. If SKIDATA only has the e-mail address of the winner, the winner will be notified via e-mail. If the winner doesn’t answer within four weeks of sending off the notification e-mail, the entitlement to the prize expires and the SKIDATA committee will determine a new winner. The entitlement to the price also expires if the prize cannot be forwarded within 2 months after the first notification of the prize due to reasons that are caused by the winner. The shipment is free within countries of the European Union. Further arising transport costs and customs duties have to be paid by the winner. The participant is responsible for potential taxes of the prize. The place of performance remains at SKIDATA’s headquarters despite the participant’s payment of shipping costs. Austrian law applies.


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