Electric charging station Ampere.Gate

Electric charging: Power with Intelligence

The electric charging station Ampere.Gate enables convenient handling of the entire charging procedure of an electric car in your garage. Fully integrated into the SKIDATA solution, you and your guests benefit from a single billing for parking and charging and an optimized, convenient workflow. Position yourself as a leader in sustainability and decide your rates for the charging independently from electricity providers.

User-friendly charging solution

With the Ampere.Gate a registration for the charging process is not necessary. Your customers can simply plug their electric car into the column and pay for the charging together with the parking ticket. A complicated selection of the charging station on a separate monitor is omitted.

Flexible pricing

By offering charging as an additional service during parking you set the prices yourself and therefore remain independent of the rates of a electricity provider.

Fully integrated in the parking solution

Complete integration of the charging solution from one single provider enables you to reduce costs for the of acquisition, operation and maintenance of electric charging solution.

Increase attractiveness

Expand your offerings with charging stations to provide and impress your customers with an environmentally friendly all-round service, giving them the convenience of charging their electric car during the parking. With increased attractiveness you reach higher utilization and therefore more revenue.


Information about the Ampere.Gate electric charging station at a glance for download.

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