Key management with Web Key

Electromechanically secured key

Switch to electromechanically secured Web Locks instead of mechanical lock cylinders. With individual authorizations for your employees, you can define access times and manage user profiles via regular internet access. The all-round solution SKIDATA Web Key consists of:

  • Web Key
  • Web Lock
  • Web Key Manager Service


Your key to greater security.

  • Controlled access to components such as security doors and locking mechanisms for automated payment machines, cash box, parking columns, etc.
  • Increased protection against theft, vandalism and unauthorized duplication of locks and keys.

Your key for monitoring and reporting

  • Clear and concise reports provide information about usage of keys by personnel.
  • All transaction data is uploaded to the database via the Internet at synchronization.
  • Helps you keep an overview of cash box usage.

Your Key to More Efficient Management

  • Easy to assign user rights.
  • All key access authorizations are managed centrally via online hosted database services.
  • Time-based electronic authorization management including suspension and blocking of rights.

Your key to easy access

  • Administrative access is provided via the Internet from any place and at any time.
  • Refitting with electromechanic Web Locks is easy simple replace mechanical lock cylinders.
  • Define lock authorizations for each employee and specify access times.


All the information you need at a glance is available for download here.

*For detailed information about the availability in your country please contact our local Sales Partner.

Electromechanical key
Electromechanical key

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