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Schadow-Arkaden: State of the art SKIDATA parking management meets shopping experience

The Schadow-Arkaden is located in the middle of Dusseldorf and offers its about 8 million customers per year a shopping experience of a higher class. Distributed across two levels are over 60 different shops that make every shopper's heart beat faster.

For a shopping center of this size, the parking offer plays a key role. In 2014, the operators of the Schadow-Arkaden decided to replace their existing parking system and focus on a new, dynamic and above all flexible vehicle access management.

To meet these needs SKIDATA developed, together with Schadow-Arkaden, a customized solution including third-party systems. A smart camera system detects at all times each available parking space. This allows the parking guidance system to always indicate the shortest route to the nearest available parking space. Also by camera, the parking system recognizes contract parking customers right from the vehicle license plate. The operator can easily get an overview of the capacity utilization and transactions at any time. An intercom system provides for the best customer support.

Take a look and see for yourself:

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