The USB keyboard for Manual.Cash

A keyboard for different POS terminals, with individually configurable keys and USB hub for comfortable mouse connection.


Comfortable and secure operation of POS terminals

  • Aligned with usage: Adapt Manual.Cash 'Keyboard 70+' easily to a wide range of terminals.
  • Work internationally: Manual.Cash 'Keyboard 70+' is available for use in many countries around the world.

The future-proof investment

  • State-of-the-art business: Use our modern USB technology as standard interface for PCs and terminals.
  • High connectivity: Use the integrated USB hub to connect the mouse directly and conveniently to the keyboard.

Individually configure the keyboard

  • Define your keyboard according to use: Set the keys to match your needs and ticket types.
  • Individual function keys: Create programmable shortcut keys for quick and secure access to important functions.

Sturdy technology

  • Service-friendly: The flexible key covers can be easily replaced if worn from use. 
  • The well organized system: Cable storage under the keyboard eliminates tangled cables.


All the information you need at a glance is available for download here.

*For detailed information about the availability in your country please contact our local Sales Partner.

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