The intelligent ticket coder: Coder unlimited

Do you value the benefits of multifunctional ticket coders? SKIDATA also offers intelligent and reliable ticket printers and ticket coders.


Efficiency for you and your business

  • Tickets (keycard, keytix 'light' and barcode) can be produced quickly and automatically by stack.
  • 1- or 3-stack model (1S/3S) for automatic production with simultaneous refilling function.

Save smart and profit

  • Investments that make sense for normal to high volume points of sale.
  • Illegal ticket sale? Coder Unlimited ‘Desk 1S/3S’ reduces the risk of fraud.

Ticket coding with no hassle

  • Tickets at the push of a button, fully automatic
  • Ticket coding is fast, reliable and with minimal noise.
  • Your staff can focus on their main activities.

Play it safe when it comes to service as well

  • Experience around the world ensures the highest standard of quality.
  • Low maintenance and service-friendly.
  • Long SKIDATA life cycle support.
  • Proven modules in all SKIDATA segments.
  • Overlapping module utilization allows for further technical development.


All the information you need at a glance is available for download here.

*For detailed information about the availability in your country please contact our local Sales Partner.

Ticket Coder Unlimited 'Desk 3S'
Ticket Coder Unlimited 'Desk 3S'
Ticket Coder Unlimited 'Desk 1S'
Ticket Coder Unlimited 'Desk 1S'

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