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Do you want your customers to come back? Offer them relaxed enjoyment from first reservation to thrilling memories. Use the recommendations in social media such as Facebook and platforms such as YouTube. How? We'll be glad to make you fit for all challenges!

Skiline altimeter diagram offers a great service for skiers: Just enter your lift ticket number, and the skiline software retrieves all the relevant access control details. These are then analysed and represented graphically within seconds in the form of a “skiline” - your personal time-altitude-chart.

  • An exact listing of all lifts you have used during the day
  • The total sum of vertical metres completed
  • An estimation of the overall downhill distance
  • A personal souvenir to remember a great skiing day
  • A great way to document your own sports achievement


You can experience your downhill success with Skimovie over and over again and share it with friends. As the winter sports athlete skies down the slope, a video with him/her as the main actor is filmed and the exact time is measured. All Skimovies include race times and can then be watched, analyzed or passed on to friends at the SKIDATA partner with the ski pass number as reference.

Skiline altimeter diagram

A useful service that is great for advertising.


Skiers become movie stars who are happy to share their videos: free advertising for you.

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