Flexible access with MobileReader.Gate

Ticket checks on the go

MobileReader.Gate provides full control on the move. And it does so comfortably and conveniently with single-handed operation. Read and write freely to RFID data carriers at any time or place. No chance for ticket cheats!


Complete Ease of Use

  • Fits snugly in your hand: the comfortable handling enables extended operation without strain.
  • One finger is all it takes: convenient ticket check with a push of a button.
  • See and hear: visual and acoustic information facilitates the checking process.
  • Never gets lost: wear MobileReader.Gate with the hand strap, on your belt, in a coat pocket or around your neck.

No chance for ticket cheats

  • Secure your revenues: check the rights for RFID cards with an online PDA (e.g. Handheld.Gate) at any time or place.

The long-distance expert with stamina

  • The sturdy design and high-quality rechargable battery ensures a long service life under all conditions, from snow and ice to the tropics.

Keep your independence

  • SKIDATA – and more: MobileReader.Gate is your basic device for the most important 13 MHz data carriers and not just for SKIDATA applications.
  • Rechargable anywhere: The plug for the new mobile phone charger also fits the MobileReader.Gate so you can recharge anywhere.

One price that pays

  • Suitable for outdoor use: benefit from especially low investment costs for this device class, which functions reliably and can be used wirelessly during any storm.
  • Future-proof comes standard: You invest in future-proof technology that quickly pays for itself.


All the information you need at a glance is available for download here.

MobileReader.Gate: Download data sheet


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