Access Readers & Turnstiles

The secure way for greater convenience

Your clients can hit the slopes quickly and conveniently and you can finally put the issue of ticket fraud to rest. SKIDATA access readers and turnstiles read tickets quickly and securely eliminate long lines and reliably detect ticket fraud. Guests with valid tickets gain access to the ski region without a long wait, and ticket cheats are consistently blocked.

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Access Reader: Freemotion.Gate

Turnstile and access reader. Greatest protection against ticket misuse.

Access Reader: Flex.Gate

Completely redesigned and customizable configuration.

Access Reader: Flex.Gate ‘Refit’

Upgrade your current generation of readers quickly and easily.

Access Reader: Easy.Gate

Turnstile gate and RFID proximity card access reader. Cost-efficient access control with great design.

Access Solution: EasyBoarding.Gate

Boarding for Stars: Safe and stress-free entry into the gondola.

Handheld.Gate ‘Keymobile’

Maintain control with ticket validation on the move. Access control with mobile RFID card reader.

Handheld.Gate ‘Monitor’

Get information on the way.

*For detailed information about the availability in your country please contact our local Sales Partner.

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