Keep control of visitor flows

Control & monitor with Handshake.Logic

Handshake.Logic provides important data at the push of a button and supports you in flexibly managing visitor flows and the subsequent analyses.

During the event, handshake enables operators to control issues. For example, the rotation direction of a turnstile gate can be changed or access for certain blocks can be shifted to other entrances. After the event the valuable data is immediately available.

For planning and sales, as well as billing, after-sale-marketing and reporting, SKIDATA provides its customers with its own infrastructure in the form of databases and secure servers. more


Handshake.Logic ‘Messaging’

Stay informed about the number of visitors and utilization of your access systems - anytime and anywhere!

Handshake.Logic ‘Monitor’

Monitoring access control equipment. Monitor the conditions of access components throughout the system.

Handshake.Logic ‘Area Maximum Check’

Fully informed about usage and visitor flows at the control point.

Handshake.Logic ‘Pre Event Check’

Simulation program to test various scenarios ahead of time.

Handshake.Logic ‘Server’

The core element of the installation and an essential component of the Handshake.Logic system.

Handshake.Logic ‘Offline Extension’

Benefit from optimal system availability and anti-pass back checks.

Handshake.Logic ‘Photo Compare Basic’

Prevent ticket misuse with photo capturing and matching against previously stored reference data.

Handshake.Logic ‘Ticket Tracking’

With this web application you can see all ticket information at a glance.

Handshake.Logic ‘Info Display’

Prevent ticket fraud and use the information display.

Handshake.Logic 'Mobile Monitor'

The intuitive web application is the perfect complement to your access control system.

*For detailed information about the availability in your country please contact our local Sales Partner.

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