Mobile control with Handheld.Gate

Ticket check on-the-go

Control access permits of your visitors using mobile ticket controls. Your handheld provides mobile control for tickets. With the Handheld.Gate all access information are available at a glance at any time or place to provide fast support, targeted notifications, and accurate monitoring. Handheld.Gate: The mobile access control by SKIDATA.


Provide customer support, not just a checkpoint

  • Personal entry: your customers should do more than simply pass through turnstiles. Offer them personal services directly at the entry point.
  • Provide flexible visitor direction: accurately direct visitor flows with the Ticket Reader application.

Handheld info center

  • All the information you need at a glance: you'll find all the ticketing information you need immediately on your handheld - ticket type, validity, owner, seat, access used, etc.
  • Scan and use: touch the display and the Ticket Reader application will display all ticket properties directly on your handheld.

Provide a flexible and cost-effective response

  • Ready to meet any challenge: cover peak loads and special areas with your handhelds and Ticket Reader application in a flexible, cost-effective manner.
  • Effective ticket control: check via mobile and independently.

Check visitors in advance, direct them accurately

  • Fast access with advance check: check tickets in advance and direct visitors in a timely manner to the right areas. You can increase convenience and avoid wait times.
  • Prevent ticket fraud: detect ticket fraud before the access point and avoid annoyance upon entry.

*For detailed information about the availability in your country please contact our local Sales Partner.

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