Access control with Vario.Gate ‘Touch-Pad’

The surveillance and control center right at the gate

With the Vario.Gate ‘Touch-Pad’ your employees have a comprehensive overview and full control right at the access scanner. Depending on the user permit, they can monitor what is currently happening in passive mode and receive access information about your guests at the touch display in real-time. In active mode, they can intervene and take control if necessary.


Keep an overview

  • Best informed
    Access information in real time on the touch-pad display provides full support for optimal customer service: identify VIP guests, display additional information, etc.
  • Record guest categories
    User-defined keypad allocation, e.g., for recording and evaluating special guest categories.

See, know, take effective action

  • Monitor and control
    With the modern color touch display, your touchpad becomes a surveillance and control center. Depending on user rights, you can monitor what is going on in passive mode or react in active mode: block turnstiles, release, change turnstile direction, etc.

Increased security at access points

  • Strong protection against ticket fraud
    Play it safe – show a reference photo on the display and reduce ticket fraud.
  • Authorization required
    One thing is certain with the touch-pad: only authorized personnel can take control as necessary.

More control

  • Take over control spontaneously
    Correct decisions of individual access controls quickly and effectively with your touch-pad's control function: tickets with blurry print, re-entry after exit, override biometric decisions, input ticket numbers and much more.


All the information you need at a glance is available for download here.

*For detailed information about the availability in your country please contact our local Sales Partner.

Vario.Gate ‘Touch-Pad’
Vario.Gate ‘Touch-Pad’

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